This statistic shows the trend-indicator-value (TIV) of the exports of arms from Sweden from 2008 to 2018. The TIV is based on the known unit production costs of a core set of weapons and is


Sep 6, 2019 The Swedish Government facilitates arms exports because it believes in an independent Sweden, requiring the maintenance, at any costs, 

However, some parliamentary parties argue that these measures are insufficient and that all military cooperation with Ryadh must be disrupted. 2020-03-09 · Arm exports to countries in conflict in the Middle East increased by 61 percent in 2015-2019 compared to 2010-2014, the study showed. Saudi Arabia, the country to which the U.S. exported the most arms exports (article 8). Therefore, the EU’s framework to promote the convergence of national arms export policies has largely been the same for more than two decades. The Common Position on arms exports as part of a broader EU approach to the international arms trade within the framework of the CFSP Interestingly, the Common Position on arms The 15% increase in US arms exports between 2011–15 and 2016–20 further widened the gap between the USA and second largest arms exporter Russia. Trump’s personal role underscored his determination to make the US, already dominant in the global weapons trade, an even bigger arms merchant to the world, despite concerns from human rights and arms control advocates, Reuters reported. Paris – France last year won foreign orders for weapons worth a total €9.1 billion ($10.2 billion), up 30 percent from the previous year, said the government’s report to parliament of French arms exports.

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Sweden has chosen to allow exports of military equipment to a certain extent for  report from a seminar on the international arms trade / organized by the Swedish Red Cross at Dag Hammarskjöld Center in Uppsala, Sweden, 22-24 October  "then israel is the biggest exporter of weapons in the world." "Peace israel-russia-france-sweden-military-industrial-complex-table. Export  trade may have seemed “ridiculous” just a year before, as an unnamed Swedish clarify the role of Sweden as a weapons manufacturer and arms merchant. Nyheter inom Exportkontroll – Christer Ahlström, Generaldirektör ISP. 10:00 prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the  av NKT Habtom · 2020 — between diplomatic and military relations between Sweden and the United States. out with various threats, ranging from a cut to arms exports to economic.

Russia, $57.72 per  Dec 7, 2020 Weapons companies from the US and China dominated the global arms market billion) in annual arms sales, the data released by the Sweden-based think China came second, accounting for 16% of arms sales last year. Mar 26, 2019 The U.S.'s outsized share of world arms exports has also increased over 1st, 2nd, and 3rd largest suppliers (2014-2018): USA, UK, Sweden Mar 12, 2019 But the latest data from the Swedish think tank shows Chinese arms exports increased by a relatively low 2.7 per cent in the period from 2014 to  May 8, 2019 Israel exported weapons worth $707m in 2018, becoming one of the world's biggest arms exporters.

arms exports to uphold the national industry and for other security reasons that are rarely motivated in any detail. In 2000 the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency was established by the government with the primary aim of promoting Swedish arms exports abroad. It was phased out in 2015, with some of its tasks

Sweden emerged as the 14th largest global arms exporter during 2013-2017. 4.2.2.

May 8, 2019 Israel exported weapons worth $707m in 2018, becoming one of the world's biggest arms exporters. Its major defence importers during 2014- 

Provisions about defence structures, weapons, stores, imports, exports,. Susanne Oxenstierna, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Defence A new trend in Russia's military expenditure, in Becker & Oxenstierna (eds) The Russian  av F Thomasson · 2018 · Citerat av 3 — The Swedish government attempted to sell arms to both northern and Swedish trade is an enlightening example of how smaller colonial powers tried to carve  Last week, Swedish SAAB announced that it had proceededthe first shots 47 in the Swedish Navy, the SLWT has already been exported to Finland. What make it a particularly versatile weapon, despite its unusual format. Mr Bernard Philip. Mr Philip is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was most recently Assistant  Sweden & Western World Arms Exports - Stop The Crisis.

Olof Palme and Swedish disarmament policy and weapons exports, investigated from. a Large  av K Neskovic · 2012 — With the increase in arms trade profits, Sweden is in 2011 the country Guidelines prohibit arms exports to countries in battle, in spite of this  On June 15, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) arranged a discussion on the changing patterns of arms trade in Asia, and its  Sweden is the world's largest arms exporter today, in relation to the population. Since 2001, Sweden has quadrupled its arms export to sales of SEK 13.6 billion  Seventy-seven percent of its sales are in markets outside Sweden. The RBS 70 anti-aircraft missile was another of Bofors' popular export weapons, along with  Specifically, such controls would include export controls on uranium in collaboration with the American and British governments, exclusive Swedish controls over  Where is the feminist perspective in Swedish arms trade? The production, export and proliferation of weapons and ammunition contributes to people  The Swedish arms industry is very big, and arms exports account for more than 50% of the production.
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The National Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) publishes an annual report on Swedish arms exports each spring. The report contains information on export licences and actual exports, including a description of the equipment, and its value.

Sweden - Arms exports in constant prices of 1990 206,000,000 (US dollars) in 2019 In 2019, arms exports for Sweden was 206 million US dollars. Though Sweden arms exports fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 - 2019 period ending at 206 million US dollars in 2019.
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But when it comes to arms exports, Sweden seems no better or worse than other countries. Production and export of arms is one of the few remaining areas that have not been regulated by EU.

7 / 0  arms trade and export control. Red prevention of violent conflicts. Amber civilian crisis management. Amber.

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Mar 6, 2014 for instance, Sweden or Austria on the global market, said spokesman Ivo Zimmermann. “A final decision on a request for weapons exports 

Main clients: Saudi Arabia (18), UAE (7.4), Australia (6.7) … "It is a strength for Sweden that we have a broad political agreement to modernise the regulatory framework to consider more factors in the overall assessment that must always be made. The proposal involves an important tightening of the rules for arms exports, while at the same time securing the long-term prospects for the Swedish armed forces," says Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan 2015-04-13 2017-12-12 Overview: In December 2020 Sweden exported SEK113B and imported SEK111B, resulting in a positive trade balance of SEK2.83B.Between December 2019 and December 2020 the exports of Sweden have increased by SEK2.5B (2.25%) from SEK111B to SEK113B, while imports decreased by SEK-2.46B (-2.17%) from SEK113B to SEK111B. II. An overview of Sweden’s arms industry and arms exports 7 Post-World War II developments in Swedish arms production and procurement 7 Sweden’s most significant arms producers 9 Table 1. Main Swedish arms producing companies 10 III. Swedish arms exports 11 Recent trends in Swedish arms exports 11 Table 2. Then, in June 2015, when a parliamentary committee recommended that Swedish arms exports should be made conditional on “democracy criteria,” Wallström’s speech was interpreted as a call for a 2019-09-18 2.2 Sweden in the Global Arms Trade 8 2.3 Swedish arms exports scandals 9 3. Theory 10 3.1 Introduction 10 3.2 Legitimation 11 3.3 Framing 11 3.4 Relationship and Interaction between Media and Politics 12 3.5 Motives behind arms exports 13 3.6 Framing of an Arms Importing State 14 3.7 Arms … arms exports and arms export controls and highlight good practices that might be of interest for Sweden.

av F Thomasson · 2018 · Citerat av 3 — The Swedish government attempted to sell arms to both northern and Swedish trade is an enlightening example of how smaller colonial powers tried to carve 

2020-03-12 Sweden is the 11th largest weapons exporter in the world and has seen its arms exports rocket in recent years, according to new research by the Stockholm International Peace Institute. The study compared Sweden’s global arms exports between 2005 and 2009 and 2010 and 2014 and found that they increased by 23 percent, pushing Sweden from 12th to 11th place in the world. 2015-06-19 In Sweden’s export control legislation, transit is defined only in relation to intra-EU trade for which simplified rules apply. Transhipment is not defined. Transits through- and transhipments on Swedish territory are treated as exports (requiring a license) when exiting our national territory.

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